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SWER and Rural Electrification Costing Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet compares the cost of SWER to the cost of conventional rural electrification. The spreadsheet will help you decide on the feasibility of using SWER. The costs are detailed for the following:

  • Conventional 22kV distribution, single phase and three phase costs
  • Conventional distribution transformer substation 22/0.4/0.23kV costs
  • SWER 12.7kV distribution costs
  • SWER distribution transformer substation 12.7/0.23kV costs
  • SWER isolation transformer substation 22/12.7kV costs
  • Conventional 400/230V low voltage distribution costs
  • Customer service drop costs
  • Customer house wiring costs

Although the costs given are based on prices received in 2001 and 2002 the spreadsheet can be used to compare the costs of 22 kV rural electrification by SWER to conventional 22 kV distribution without changing the unit cost data. If more accurate present day costs are required the costs given could be escalated to present day market rates by applying factors for:

  • Inflation
  • Currency fluctuations as the original prices were typically US dollar based
  • Fluctuations in commodity prices especially aluminium, copper and steel
  • Local labour rates
  • An escalation factor to allow for purchasing materials in smaller quantities as the original unit costs were derived from international competitive bidding for large quantities of materials and equipment  


SWER and Rural Electrification Costs